Upcoming Events

Tuesday, March 13th
“A Woman’s Work is Never Done” celebrates the lives of women in London and Middlesex County from 1820-1920. Explore the...Read more
Friday, June 1st
In the early 1900s, a mysterious kidnapping occurred in London, ON . Having recently perfected a recipe for a new...Read more
Sunday, September 23rd
Bring your four-legged family members to meet dog groomers, rescue organizations and local services for your pet. Vendors will showcase...Read more
Monday, October 8th
Join the celebration and learn about how the pioneers prepared for the winter. Reserve your traditional Thanksgiving Dinner at the...Read more
Friday, October 12th
Public servant John Radclive has a dirty job: hanging society’s rogues and murderers. Come hear tales of London’s first (and...Read more
Friday, November 16th
In 1914, a brief, unofficial, truce took place at Christmas along parts of the Western Front. Soldiers from opposing sides...Read more