Ransom! Puzzle Adventure

Friday, June 1st to Thursday, September 27th
Presented by Exodus Escape Rooms London

In the early 1900s, a mysterious kidnapping occurred in London, ON. Having recently perfected a recipe for a new type of beer, the local brewmaster was taken during the night. The kidnappers have demanded a $200,000 ransom be paid for his safe return AND the recipe for the new beer be handed over. You and a few other townsfolk must gain entry to his brewery where there is enough money hidden to pay the kidnappers. But be careful, not everyone is interested in having him returned…

This adventure takes place at Fanshawe Pioneer Village (Clarke Rd. E.) and will operate rain or shine! The adventure is designed for 12 people; tickets are sold individually and you will work with other rescuers to ensure success!

This adventure is brand new and unique in London! Now go catch those scofflaws!

Exodus Escape Rooms London


Please note the following items as they pertain to your booking:

Your payment is non-refundable. Ransom will run rain or shine, hot or cold- make sure you check the weather conditions before leaving so you are dressed appropriately. Some components of this adventure take place outside. The buildings do not have air conditioning (it is the 19th century after all).

Please remember to arrive at least 15 minutes early- late arrivals will impact game time. Enter at 1424 Clarke Road.



Q: When days are you operating the Ransom game?

A: We operate the Ransom game every Thursday, Friday and Saturday night until September 27th.


Q: What times do you have available for the Ransom game?

A: The games are available for the time slots: 5:00pm, 6:30pm, 8:00pm and 9:30pm.


Q: How do I book a spot for the Ransom game?

A: Go to our website, www.exoduslondon.com. From there scroll down to find the date, game and time you would like to play. Follow the instructions from there.


Q: How do we get to the Ransom game?

A: The Ransom game is located in Fanshawe Pioneer Village. Make your way to 1424 Clarke Road and then follow all of the orange directional signs. You will eventually see the Fanshawe Pioneer Village entrance where the Exodus staff is set up.


Q: How expensive is it to play the Ransom game?

A: For Thursday night games, the price is 25$ per person. For Friday and Saturday night games, the price is 30$ per person. All before tax. There is an option to book the entire game to ensure only those players you bring will be part of your game.


Q: Where do we park?

A: Fanshawe Pioneer Village has several locations you can park. The largest lot is located at the on the left hand side of the roadway inside the village area. There is also limited parking available outside the Spriet Visitor Centre.


Q: Can we use the washrooms during the game?

A: You will have access to the washrooms during the game and before the game. They are just a short walk from the entrance toll gate.

Ransom Environment

Q: Are we outside or inside for the game?

A: The majority of the game takes place inside; however there are occasions that players will move between buildings. There is also at least one main puzzle that must be completed outside. Check the weather before your game and dress appropriately- we run rain or shine.


Q: What should we wear for the game?

A: Wear clothing appropriate for the weather conditions for your game.


Q: Can we leave our extra stuff anywhere?

A: Yes, although we do recommend not carrying extra items with you to the game registration. You will be able to leave your stuff in the registration area which is locked during your game.


Q: If we need help, how do we get it?

A: Ransom involves the use of actors. They are there to enhance your game and answer questions you have during the game, with discretion (of course).


Q: How old do you have to be to play Ransom?

A: Ransom is accessible to all ages, although the difficulty level is geared towards those at least 14 years of age.


Q: Is the game accessible?

A: The majority of the game is wheelchair accessible. However the museum does not have paved roads or sidwalks and some flooring is uneven

Event Times & Additional Event Date(s) 

Thursday, Friday, and Saturday Nights (with some exceptions)

5:00 p.m., 6:30 p.m., 8:00 p.m.

Event Cost 

$25-$30 plus HST