The Spriet Centre is coming!!

Sheila Johnson

Spriet Centre is under Construction!
Significant progress has been made on the Spriet Family Visitor Centre over the past month. Architectural, plumbing, electrical and mechanical drawings were completed by the end of April. The Site Plan review process through the City of London is complete and a building permit was approved in early June. Staff teams have also completed the selection of furniture, appliances and equipment for the new building and a fiber internet connection is being finalized.
Tendering for the Spriet Centre was completed by Norlon Builders London Limited during the month of May. Final numbers came in on budget and a contract was signed in early June. The final costs for construction of the Spriet Centre will be $106 per square foot. Complete costs including construction, design, equipment, furniture and fiber internet connection will be $146 per square foot.
Construction excavation will commence in mid June, just in time for the Sod Turning Ceremony scheduled for Monday, June 18th at 4:00 pm. We are on the way!
The first floor of the Spriet Centre will house staff offices, public washrooms, two meeting rooms and the new Trillium Community Gallery. This floor also includes artifact registration and workrooms as well as storage facilities for oversize artifacts. The entire second floor is open space for storage systems to accommodate archives, small artifacts and textiles.
After decades of planning, it is thrilling for all of us to be involved in the design and construction of this new building which represents the future of Fanshawe Pioneer Village. We are deeply grateful for our funders, the Government of Canada, the Province of Ontario, the City of London and the Spriet Family for their generous investment in this organization.

Sheila Johnson
Executive Director