Denfield General Store

Original Building: Denfield, Middlesex County, 1877

The hub of the town was the general store. Here customers could purchase or order any supplies they could not grow or raise themselves, communicate with the world through the telegraph, telephone or mail or obtain needed credit.

General stores were the lifeblood of rural Canadian communities from the settlement period through the late 19th century, and the Denfield General Store was no exception. The Denfield General Store was built in 1877 by J.T. Dinsmore, in a community then known as “Brecon”. However, because a town in Ontario already existed with the very similar name of “Brechin”, the name “Denfield”, an English approximation of “Penfilid,” the Welsh hometown of a prominent local family was adopted instead.

As the Denfield General Store and post office was the hub of social and economic activity in the community, the town soon became known as Denfield as well.

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