Alder's Weaving Shed

Original Building: London Township, circa 1857

Thomas Alder’s original weaving shed dating from the 1850’s.

Thomas Alder’s weaving shed was donated to Fanshawe Pioneer Village in 1962 by William and Ora Alder, children of John Alder and cousins of Wilfrid Jury. The building is a post and beam structure that was built sometime around 1857 just north of Melrose on Concession 5 Lot 32 London Township. Alder built the shop himself, constructing it even before building his house. As a result, he had to use a work bench built into the wall of the weaving shed as his bed for some time. When Alder did construct his home, it was built attached to the weaving shed, and as such, the original exterior cladding on one side was missing when it was relocated to the Village.

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