Jury Farmstead

Original Building: Lobo Township, c. 1888

The Second Generation - The Jury Farmstead is representative of a second generation farm at the turn of the 20th century.

Boyhood home of Wilfrid Jury, the founder of Fanshawe Pioneer Village. It is an excellent 1888 example of a typical Ontario farmhouse.

The Jury house was built on Lot 12 Concession 2 of Lobo Township and is the childhood home of Wilfrid Jury, the founding curator of Fanshawe Pioneer Village. William Jury Jr., built this home in 1888 for his son Amos on the occasion of his marriage to Charlotte Julia “Jewel” Alder, the daughter of the weaver Thomas Alder. The house was occupied by the Jury family until Amos’ death in 1964. The farmhouse was rented to various tenants before it was sold in 1968 to Murray Manson. When Manson donated the house to Fanshawe Pioneer Village in 1973, the building had to be cut in two with a chain saw and the roof removed in order to transport it.

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