Fanshawe Settlement

Fanshawe Settlement 1820-1850 - Home, farm and school of the first Talbot settler to London Township.

Fanshawe Settlement 1820-1850 tells the story of the impact upon the land and aboriginal people of settlers who immigrated from Europe and other parts of North America to the London area in the first half of the 19th century.

Many settlers are well established in their places of origin but come to Upper Canada to improve the prospects of their families or to escape deteriorating economic conditions. They often travel in family groups and come out to join relatives already in Upper Canada. Farming in Upper Canada is hard and endless work for this first generation of settlers but people survive in part because of the support offered by family and friends. Communities of similar origin come together to build barns and to provide education for their children.

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Years of Era 
1820 - 1850