Mount Moriah Masonic Lodge

Originally Pond Mills School, S.S. #7

Masonic orders held their first meetings in local taverns until purpose built halls could be constructed. The interior is representative of an early 19th century London Masonic hall.

This structure, which is currently interpreted as a Masonic Lodge, was once the Pond Mills School, formally known as School Section #7. The school was originally located in the village of Pond Mills, Westminster Township, which is now a subdivision in south east London. S.S. #7 was in existence from 1825 -1966 and began as a one-room schoolhouse on land which is now part of Pond Mills Cemetery. In 1844, the original log structure was replaced with a wooden frame building. In 1860, the one-room brick structure, the building now at the Village, was built on an adjacent lot.

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