Corbett Tavern

Original Building: McGillivray Township, 1843

Taverns, like this 1840s example, provided accommodation, food and stabling for horses to the travelling public. They became important community meeting places as well as the local place to go for a pint.

The Corbett Log House was built by John Corbett who immigrated on the Brunswick from Borrisokane, Tipperary, in 1819 as a member of the Richard Talbot group. In 1843, John and his wife Jane moved from the Ottawa Valley to Middlesex County and settled on Lot 19, Concession 10, McGillivray Township. There they built a home, farmed, and raised ten children. In 1874, John purchased a sawmill where it is thought he produced the clapboard to cover the original elm log exterior of the house.

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