Museum at Home

Looking for heritage activities to try, or want to explore Fanshawe Pioneer Village from home or school? Here are some examples for you to enjoy!


Try these museum and pioneer inspired activities at home or school.


Easy Homemade Sourdough Bread

Darn a Sock

Cursive Writting

Hunt the Thimble

Cat’s Cradle History

Cat’s Cradle How To

Cabinet of Curiosities


Transform an Apron into a Harvest Apron

If you’ve been planting a COVID garden, or are a regular gardener, consider making yourself a harvest apron to help keep your hands free.


Size them to account for the ¾” grosgrain ribbon.
* Sew 2 buttonholes on the right and left bottom corners of the skirt.
* Find the center of the bottom of the skirt and sew 2 buttonholes- ½” to the right and left of center.
*Find the center of the waistband and sew 2 buttonholes- ½” to the right and left of center.
*Open the buttonholes with a seam ripper or pair of embroidery scissors.
*Feed the grosgrain ribbon through the buttonholes in the waistband and tie a bow.

Don’t forget- it’s important to reinforce your button holes in some way so the fabric can withhold the strain.


Did you know that Fanshawe Pioneer Village now has a Youtube Channel? Find craft ideas, stories about our buildings, and more all in one place!

Trip Through Time

Have you ever wondered why the Village is set up in a timeline and covers 100 years of history? Find out!

Fanshawe 360 Experience

Explore some of our most popular buildings and visit the upper floors of the homes in the Village.

Live Like A Pioneer Series

Visit our Youtube Channel for full access to our Live Like A Pioneer Series (Closed Captions generated by Youtube available).

Here are some samples of our Live Like A Pioneer Series.

Make Oat Flour

Sew Straight