Fanshawe 1812 Registration Form

Re-enactor and Sutler Registration Form - Please complete the form below to register for Fanshawe 1812 on Saturday, July 11, and Sunday, July 12, 2020.

Please read the following documents before filling out the webform:

1812 Rules and Regulations & Fanshawe 1812 Site Safety Regulations

Please note there is a Release section at the bottom of this form, which must be read, understood and agreed to in order to submit form. There will be a place to confirm below the Release. Please read all parts of this section carefully.

Unit Information
Please list the names, ages and roles of ALL participants in your family/sutlery. Note: All adults must sign-off on the event waiver form. This can be done electronically or at check-in. Parents or Guardians must sign for participants under 18 years of age.
Additional Information
Please indicate any special needs, concerns or questions and we will contact you.
I hereby release and forever discharge Fanshawe Pioneer Village, its agents and assigns, and their employees and volunteers from any and all actions, causes, claims and demands for damages, loss or injury, howsoever arising, which may hereafter be sustained by myself, members of my family, our equipment and property and of our organization and waive all rights thereto. I pledge to keep any sensitive information I may come into contact with while at Fanshawe Pioneer Village in the strictest confidence. This includes, but is not limited to: any personal information regarding staff; volunteers; donors; or patrons; any financial information which is not part of the public record, and all information related to site access and security. I agree to the following points regarding my personal conduct while acting as a special event volunteer at Fanshawe Pioneer Village: I have read the information sheet provided regarding the rules and regulations set forth by Fanshawe Pioneer Village and agree to follow said rules; I have read the information sheet provided regarding firearm use and safety and adhere to the regulations specified on said sheet; I pledge that I will treat all staff, volunteers, and guests of Fanshawe Pioneer Village with courtesy and respect, and that I will follow the direction of Fanshawe Pioneer Village staff and any volunteers who have been designated as supervisors; I agree to treat and respect all items on site as historical artefacts, and agree not to handle, displace, or destroy any artefact, nor remove any item from Fanshawe Pioneer Village; and, I agree to abide by and uphold the Health and Safety policies of Fanshawe Pioneer Village, and seek the assistance of the Health and Safety Officer should I have any concerns. I hereby and irrevocably give the right to representatives of Fanshawe Pioneer Village, Film Crews, and Members of the Media on site to copyright, use/reuse and publish/republish any likeness of me or minors in my care on photographs, slides, film, video or other media, in conjunction with my own name or a historical name. The likeness/image of me and any minors in my care may be used in conjunction with written copy, advertising or other material to promote Fanshawe Pioneer Village and local tourism both in Canada and world-wide. I hereby waive any right to compensation and the right to inspect or approve the finished picture or printed material. I hereby release and agree to hold harmless Fanshawe Pioneer Village and its representatives from and against any liability as a result of the use of the finished picture and any distortion, blurring or alteration, optical illusion or use in corporate form, either intentionally or otherwise, that may occur or be produced in the taking, processing or reproduction of the finished product, its publication or distribution.
Thank you for registering for Fanshawe 1812. Should a question arise after submitting your registration you may contact Morgan Shropshall at 519-457-1296 ext. 817 or email at