Tentative: Waste Not, Want Not: Creative Reuse and Upcycling

Sunday, August 30th

Learn to upcycle and mend like a pioneer! Bring along your old clothes, fabric, and other household items and give them a new life as you discover, learn, and try.

  • Learn how to darn a sock, sew on a button, hem pants, and put in a patch
  • Try turning your old graphic tees into tote bags
  • Learn to make ragballs and turn old t-shirts into yarn
  • Learn to make a rag rug
  • Try turning an old pair a pants into a draft stopper
  • Turn fabric scraps into works of art
  • Try quilting
  • Learn how to redye your fabric or clothes using food waste
  • Make a mat out of plastic bags
  • Learn how to get the wax out of the bottom of your jar candles to make wax melts or a new candle
  • Try tin punching a can to make lanters, votives, or beautiful storage containers

Remember to bring along your supplies so you can do it yourself, right here on site!

Event Times & Additional Event Date(s) 

Sunday, Augustu 30, 2020
10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.

Event Cost 

General Admission Applies (Tax Included)
$10 for adults
$9 for seniors
$7 for children, 4 to 16 years of age
Free for children 3 and under