Upcoming Events

Tuesday, March 13th
“A Woman’s Work is Never Done” celebrates the lives of women in London and Middlesex County from 1820-1920. Explore the...Read more
Saturday, April 21st
Grab your rake and your favourite gardening gloves! Waking up the Village from its winter nap is a big job...Read more
Saturday, May 12th
Treat your mother to a delicious buffet in the Pioneer Village Cafe featuring baked ham, roast chicken, seasonal vegetables and...Read more
Saturday, May 19th
Join the Village as we kick off our 59th season! The first weekend of the public programming season and the...Read more
Monday, May 21st
Celebrate Her Majesty, Queen Victoria’s birthday with the Queen herself! Join us for cake and lemonade, or for a Garden...Read more
Saturday, June 16th
Calling all Lords & Ladies, Princes & Princesses for a royal celebration that makes dad king for the day! Enjoy...Read more