Let's Have Fun with History Summer Group Programs

Discover how the past is brought to life!

Spend the day at Fanshawe Pioneer Village with your group and discover what life was like in the village as you participate in activities designed to show children the hard work, tools, chores and fun and games of the 19th century. A costumed interpreter will lead groups through various hands-on activities during their visit. We offer 60 minute or 90 minute sessions depending on your group’s age, interests, and availability. These times do not include arrival and introductions. When you are finished your program, explore the rest of the village grounds and see inside the historic buildings.

This program allows interests groups, camps, day cares, youth groups, and community organizations the opportunity to experience the past in the present and have fun with history!

Summer Group Programs

Programs are designed for ages 4 to 14*. Minimum of 10 participants required to book.

60 Minute Program

  • Choose 3 Activities

  • $6.00 per participant

90 Minute Program

  • Choose 4 Activities

  • $7.00 per participant

Looking for something interesting and unique to do with your children’s group this summer? Book now! Fill in our Summer Program Request Form and email to education@fanshawepioneervillage.ca.

*Programs can be adapted to older age groups.

Choose from these activities:

Please note activities marked with *** indicate activities that can be adapted to ages 4-6.

  • 19th Century Laundry ***

Experience a hard day’s work! Children will learn how the settlers did laundry in the 1800s and compare their chores to the children of the past. Groups will help carry the yoke and buckets, scrub clothes, and hang everything on the line.

  • One Room School House Lesson

Make sure to sit up straight! Children will participate in a role playing activity, as they pretend to be students in our one room school house and follow the directions of the school teacher. Groups will get into character, practice writing on slates and recite lines as a class.

  • Visit the Blacksmith

Listen to the bang of the hammer on the anvil! In this presentation, groups will watch the village blacksmith work in their shop and see the tools they used to create horseshoes, farm tools and even wheels! Children will have the opportunity to ask questions about everything they see.

  • Visit the Print Shop

Read all about it! The print shop shows the hard work that went into creating a newspaper in the 19th century. Groups will learn the steps to set-up the type to print and will finish their visit with a chance to try the printing press and make their own printed page.

  • Dancing ***

Stomp your feet along to the music! Children will learn the etiquette of the pioneer village and come together to celebrate with a dance. The instructor will teach the importance of community as you learn the steps to these country dances.

  • Carding and Spinning Wool to Make Yarn

How did they do it? Making your own clothes took patience and hard work. Children will follow along as they learn the steps to make clothes- all the way from sheep to yarn. Groups will learn to brush wool and spin with their fingers.

  • Feeding the Chickens ***

Better get to work! Life was busy on the farm and children had to help. Learn about the village animals and the many things that grow on the farm. Children will explore the barn and then help grind corn to feed the chickens.

  • Rope Making and Farm Tools

We’ve come a long way! During this activity groups will see and compare early farming equipment as they make rope using the village rope maker. Children will be able to ask questions about the tools they see and start to discover how technology has changed.

  • 19th Century Outdoor Games ***

Time to relax and have fun! While there was always work to be done, villagers still found time for fun and games. Groups will learn and play with some of the simple games children had in the 1800s. Discover graces, corn hole and lawn bowling!

  • Parlour Toys

Have fun with these simple pastimes! The earliest toys were simple, homemade treasures. See how things have changed since early settler times and discover the various toys children played with. Groups will get to play with some of these toys and create their own simple treasure to take home.

  • Butter Churning

Come butter come! The kitchen was the heart of the home and there was much to be done here. One of those tasks was making butter- an important part of the pioneer diet. Children will see the tools used and follow the steps to help make butter in the churn.

  • Discover the Log House and Scavenger Hunt

See a pioneer families’ first home! This unique activity will take groups on a tour of the log house and then let children find the important tools, belongings and parts of a settler’s home. After finding these treasures groups will discover their uses.

  • Vintage Baseball (This counts as two activities)

Let’s play ball! Baseball has been a part of London’s history for a long time, but it has changed quite a bit since it first started. It was a game of sportsmanship where teams cheered each other on and often no one umpired the game. The biggest difference was they played with no gloves! Groups will learn the old rules and participate in a quick game of ball.

  • Victorian Clothes & Undies (Suggested for ages 10+)

Sneak a peek at the pioneer’s unmentionables! This activity will show groups some of the popular styles ladies, gentlemen and even children would have worn. Finish the activity by seeing the layers a proper lady would adorn from drawers all the way to corset. Groups are always surprised by how long it took to just get dressed!

Contact Information

Morgan Shropshall
education@fanshawepioneervillage.ca | call 519-457-1296 ext. 817

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