Guided Tours

Tour Dates

2017 Season - May 23 - October 6

  • Fanshawe Pioneer Village offers 90-120 minute walking guided tours.
  • All group tours must be pre-booked with our Education Coordinator (519-457-1296 ext. 817 or and are subject to availability.
  • We require a minimum of 5 people in order to book a tour and we can accomodate large groups.
  • Please arrive 15 minutes before your tour is scheduled to begin. This allows staff to welcome your group and walk-up into the village.
  • Payment is due upon arrival. We ask that you make one payment as a group and designate someone to do so upon arrival.

Fanshawe Pioneer Village Tours

Guided Tour

(Adult and Senior, $8/person)

Journey back in time and experience the development of Canadian society as represented by the historic buildings at Fanshawe Pioneer Village. A costumed guide will lead you through the Village from early settlement in 1820 to the rapid growth of the London region in 1920. During the tour groups will visit four clusters of buildings that present life throughout a hundred years and will have the opportunity to explore and ask questions about the Village.

Interactive Guided Tour

(Grade 7 to Adult, $6/Student, $9/Adult)

Discover life in the 19th century by visiting our historic buildings at Fanshawe Pioneer Village. During this walking tour, our costumed interpreters will guide participants through a hundred years of history as they learn about the development of early communties from 1820 to 1920. Participants will be introduced to the unique histories of the village buildings and will have the opportunity to participate in two hands-on activities.

Choose from carding and spinning wool, churning butter, dancing, rope making, outdoor games, or visiting the Print Shop.

Contact Information

Morgan Shropshall, Education Coordinator | 519 457 1296 ext. 817

Guided Tour at Fanshawe Pioneer Village