Guided Tours

Tour Availability

2020 - May 1 to October 9

  • All tours are subject to staffing availability and are not available on special event days or weekends.
  • All group tours must be pre-booked with our Education Coordinator (519-457-1296 ext. 817 or

Tour Information

  • Tours range in length and cost. Please see each tour description for more information.
  • Our guided tours are walking tours that take visitors around the historic village along our gravel roadways and paths. (If your group has mobility restrictions please see our Wagon or Bus options below for more information.)
  • Adults tours are recommended for people ages 14+.
  • All tours are led by a costumed interpreter.
  • Participants are welcome to explore the other historic buildings not included in the program after their schedule tour. (*Excluding Mondays*)


  • Payment is due upon arrival. We ask that you make one payment as a group and designate someone to do so upon arrival. Invoices and receipts may be issued if requested.
  • We accept exact cash, debit, credit or cheques made out to Fanshawe Pioneer Village.
  • Please arrive at least 15 minutes before your tour is scheduled to begin. This allows staff to welcome your group, complete payment and walk-up into the village.

Group Sizes

  • We require a minimum of 10 people in order to book a guided tour and a minimum of 10 people to book a wagon tour.
  • Walking tours can accomodate up to 100 people at a time (split into group sizes of 25).
  • Interactive tours can accomodate up to 40 people at a time (split into group sizes of 20).
  • Wagon tours can accomodate 10-18 people due to space. (This tour is designed for adults who are not able to walk the tour route. Note: there are stairs to climb onto the wagon. This tour does not include interiors of buildings.)

Fanshawe Pioneer Village Tours

Guided Tour

($11.00/Adult)(Length: 90 Minutes)

Journey back in time and experience the development of Canadian society as represented by the historic buildings at Fanshawe Pioneer Village. A costumed guide will lead you through the Village from early settlement in 1820 to the rapid growth of the London region in 1920. During the tour groups will visit four clusters of buildings that present life throughout a hundred years and will have the opportunity to explore and ask questions about the Village.

Interactive Guided Tour

($11.50/Adult)(Length: 2 Hours)

Discover life in the 19th century by visiting our historic buildings at Fanshawe Pioneer Village. During this walking tour, our costumed interpreters will guide participants through a hundred years of history as they learn about the development of early communties from 1820 to 1920. Participants will be introduced to the unique histories of the village buildings and will have the opportunity to participate in one to two hands-on activities.

Choose from carding and spinning wool, churning butter, dancing, rope making, outdoor games, or visiting the Print Shop.

Games in the Park and Guided Tour (Interactive Tour)

($11.50/Adult)(Length: 90 Minutes)

Groups will journey back in time as they explore the historic buildings at Fanshawe Pioneer Village. As you discover how communities grew and life changed from 1820 to 1920 you have the opportunity to ask your costumed guide questions about our unique heritage site. Your tour will end with an introduction to some of the popular games of the 19th century and a chance to try them out. Learn about games such as graces, horseshoes, bat and trap or lawn bowling. (*Games are subject to availability*)

Fraternal Orders and Not-So-Secret Societies

($11.00/Adult)(Length: 90 Minutes)

Discover the history of fraternal orders and social movements featured at Fanshawe Pioneer Village and explore the buildings associated with them. Learn about the views of these early groups, see where they met, how their ideas influenced and helped form our local rural communities and London, and how their impact and presence are still seen today.

Wagon Tour of Fanshawe Pioneer Village

($11.50/Adult)(Length: 60-90 Minutes)

Groups will journey back in time and see Fanshawe Pioneer Village as the travelling settlers and farmers would have experienced it. During this tour you will see the exteriors of more than 20 historic buildings as you ride on our wagon pulled by one of our historic tractors. Our costumed interpreter will ride along presenting the history of the village and answering questions along the way.

*Minimum of 10 people required to book this tour and a maximum of 18 people due to space. Wagon has benches and is not wheelchair accessible due to stairs.*

Guided Bus Tour

($11.00/Adult)(60-90 Minutes)

Guided bus tours are available for those unable to walk the grounds. A costumed interpreter will board your bus and present the interest store of Fanshawe Pioneer Village as you drive through the village. Please note Fanshawe Pioneer Village does not supply bus or driver. These tours are available on select Mondays or outside our public visitor season and are subject to staff availability. Please contact us for more information on this option.

Contact Information

Morgan Shropshall, Education Coordinator | 519 457 1296 ext. 817

Guided Tour at Fanshawe Pioneer Village