Jeff Willmore

“We get by with a little help from our friends”

Lennon and McCartney said it best; “We get by with a little help from our friends”. Nothing could be more true in our little enterprise here on the shores of Lake Fanshawe. Nobody is a specialist here, everyone is a generalist, and we all pitch in and help each other to keep things operating smoothly. I’m talking about inter-departmental and interpersonal co-operation.

Sheila Johnson

The Trillium Community Gallery in the Spriet Family Visitor Centre will be dedicated to telling the story of the immigrant experience and linking the experience of community founders to newcomers today. Fanshawe Pioneer Village worked with the City of London to identify this new opportunity.

Jeff Willmore - Maintenance Manager

I have an old orange tabby cat that I often call “the old skunk”. This is due to the fact that after a visit to the litter box he sometimes stinks up the whole house. It is an odd habit I have of exchanging species names as a term of endearment for the animals in my life.

I must confess to you now, that I have carried this bit of nonsense into the workplace. Here, I sometimes refer to the sheep as my “goats”. I realize that sheep and goats are not related and very different animals, but I see all the similarities. Both have the standard cloven hooves, the same kind of face and similar, slightly evil looking eyes. Both are opportunists and they share a common mischievous disposition. I am sure the sheep understand that the goat reference is just good natured ribbing. They know it is a teasing put-down, being well aware that they are superior to goats; smell alone would bare this out. They handle this kind of “trash talking” well, confident in their sheep-hood, and the fact that I am their buddy.

This is the kind of unique, personal attention that the maintenance crew now brings to the farm program, and I think it shows. As I write, dear reader, your farm labourer, is at the barn doing his twice monthly cleaning. Every two weeks, to promote...