Jeff Wilmore

The Forest for the Trees
By Jeff Willmore

Sometimes you can’t see the forest for the trees. Well, around here in many ways, you can’t see the Pioneer Village for the trees. We have decided this spring to do something about it.

Sheila Johnson

Spriet Centre is under Construction!

This has been an exciting winter at Fanshawe Pioneer Village! Staff are hard at work planning for the construction of the Spriet Centre to begin in April with an expected move-in date of December 2012. Here’s an update:
Spriet and Associates have been engaged to complete the working drawings, specifications and all technical drawings for the building. As of March 2nd architectural drawings are 30% complete, structural drawings are 80% complete and pre-engineered building drawings are 90% complete. Current floor plans are attached.

Jeff Willmore

We’re Working On it! Spring 2012

There is great excitement this spring in my office. It all swirls around the construction of the new Spriet Center, don’t you know. We are all looking forward to seeing work begin on this building – the old grey portables are starting to really, really, wear thin.

Yeah, on the surface it seems all good. The Spriet Center will be a gleaming new edifice, with great programming space, modern offices, climate control, vast artifact storage, sparkling communication technologies and ginchy new office furniture. But everything has a down side.