Will Winter Never End?

Jeff Willmore

It has been a very rough winter. Did I mention it has been a very tough winter? How tough was it you may ask? Don’t even get me started! I pushed more snow than the Columbia Ice field, snow was so deep the tractor we use to clear it got stuck, frost heaves, ice dams, snow blindness, flooding, metal fatigue, seasonal illness, frost bite and frozen water mains. Like I said …..

You had to wonder if it would ever end, but here we are in April, spring has a frail grip on the land, and I’ve been left with a frail grip on my sanity. Madness aside, the better weather has things underway with your maintenance department, but before I go into all that, you must know, amazingly we got two serious projects completed over the winter. To be clear, I didn’t get them done, oh no, I just hid at my desk and pushed paper. Others, of a more sturdy stock, rolled up their parka sleeves and got to work.

Mel Sims, Ted Bestard and Brian Murrell braved the elements and worked with great effect on the continuation of our shop renovation. The guys braved harsh weather and an unheated environment to complete wall insulation, interior steel siding and the installation of shelves and storage racks. Once the nuts and bolts stuff was completed the fellows got busy getting the workspace ship-shape with all tools conveniently placed, storage organized and areas cleaned up and ready for use. We can now move ahead with plans for a heating system and completion of the ceiling. Their work has been a great help and has placed us well on the road to wrapping up this extended project.

Trinity Church has also been the object of some attention this winter, great attention actually. Late last year a new steel roof was installed on the church. The decision was made then to follow up with an interior restoration. Water damage will no longer be a problem and the surfaces could be serviced with no fear of further deterioration. Long-time volunteers, John Perin and Jack Glassman put in a stellar session over the winter, concentrating on interior painting. As anyone knows, surface preparation is the most important part of any paint-job, and these fine fellows did marvelous work. Every square inch was inspected, picked at, scraped and patched. Sanding was followed by a primer coat and a finish coat. Jack and John provide the Village with work of the caliber of any professional tradesman, and because of this competence the interior of Trinity has never looked better.

Winter projects like these give us a jump on the year and help ready this department for our busy spring season. With the shop in great order and Trinity in fine shape for rentals, we are now moving ahead with preparations for the season opening and clean-up day. Spring is a mixed blessing for your maintenance department, I have to shake off my winter stupor and move into my spring panic. It is hard work and very hectic, but it is also warm sun, green grass, buds on the trees and soft breezes. Did I mention, dear reader, it was a rough winter?