Theatre at Fanshawe Pioneer Village

Jeff Willmore

Interpretive historic Village as cultural hot-spot, is it true? Well, if you are involved in community theatre locally, you know it’s true.

At Fanshawe Pioneer Village theatre operates on two levels. It can be argued that a visit to the Village is a theatrical experience in itself, in many ways we ‘tread the boards’ every day. The Village is our stage and costumed interpreters and educational staff play out the story of this region’s history. As our visitors enter any staffed building an interpreter will pass on the story of that building with an oral history and an interpretive activity. On special weekend events small pantomimes are often enacted involving a number of costumed staff to illustrate historical events or celebrate important dates.

Summer Theatre at Fanshawe Pioneer Village
Summer Theatre at Fanshawe Pioneer Village featuring the cast of the play Choose But Choose Wisely by Jason Rip. This year Fanshawe Pioneer Village is proud to partner with AlvegoRoot to offer two new plays, you can check them out here.

On top of this daily culture of educational storytelling, at least three times a season visitors can experience community theatre within venues on site or using the whole site to deliver plays ‘plein air’. In July you can experience a summer theatre production in one of our barns, and in the fall visitors can thrill to spooky outside Halloween theatre that uses the whole site as a backdrop. At Christmas people gather in the cozy atmosphere of our period dining room to enjoy a Dickens themed dinner theatre. All these productions are written and produced by regional talent and presented using local actors both professional and amateur. Fanshawe Pioneer Village strongly supports local theatre; we commission all the productions that are staged on our site, this adds to the cultural fabric of our community by telling original versions of our stories and puts money into the pockets of regional artists.

Haunted Village Hayrides
Haunted Hayrides are an annual tradition at Fanshawe Pioneer Village, the picture features the cast of the 2014 Performance of Frankenstein in Upper Canada a play by Jason Rip

So, come on out, and when you are here, remember; the play’s the thing!