Key Dates

June 18, 1812 - President Madison declares War against Britain.

September 1813 - Battle of Lake Erie - Americans defeat British fleet on Lake Erie. This leaves Americans in control of Western region and Lake Erie.

October 5, 1813 - Battle of the Thames. Tecumseh is killed. General Proctor flees to Burlington Heights. Harrison overextended pulls back.

December 1813 - Newark (Niagara-on-the-Lake) is burned by retreating American Force.

December 13, 1813 - Fort Niagara in New York state captured by British Forces.

December 30, 1813 - Buffalo is burned by British in Retaliation for burning of Newark.

March 4, 1814 - Battle of Longwoods British engage American advance force and are defeated. Even in victory American force feeling overextended retreats back to Detroit. British retreat from Delaware to Burlington Heights leaving Upper Canada, west of Burlington Heights undefended.

July 2, 1814 - Fort Erie is captured by the Americans.

July 4, 1814 - Battle of Chippawa. Demoralizing British defeat now leaving Niagara area from Fort Erie to Queenston under American control.

July 18, 1814 - Burning of St. David’s near Queenston.

July 25, 1814 - Battle of Lundy’s Lane.